Written by Alison Harris   

We are pleased to announce the return of summer Shinny Hockey.

We need volunteers to go on the ice to referee the games. Please let us know your availability. 

Please note we need parent supervision on the benches to help organize the shift changes and to make sure the kids are played fairly. 

All players should come with a dark and light jersey so we can balance teams. 


Please note the schedule for the next 2 weekends (July 30 & 31 as well as Aug 6 & 7)  Saturday and Sunday for our free shinny hockey. 

MAHG / U7 8:15
Novice / U9 9:15
Atom / U11 10:15
Peewee / U13 16:30
Bantam /U15 17:30

Please note players graduating to the next level can choose to stay in a previous year level or advance to the next level.