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Attention parents and players,

After many meetings with Hockey Quebec, Lac St. Louis Hockey and with the city of Dollard the following is a bit of a rundown of how we are planning of starting the season.

We have created a COVID Committee which is being headed by a emergency room physician who has been dealing with COVID since day one. This committee will have 10-12 people on it to ensure we will hav contact representation at the arena. If you are interested in joining this committee please send me an e-mail at mitcht@videotron.ca.

To ease your pain I will put everything in bullet point. There will be more information coming as well as possible changes depending on the minister. 

1) masks must be worn in the Civic Centre as well as respecting social distancing.

2) there is hand sanitizer at all entry and exit doors to please be used.

3) players should come dressed with the exception of their skates. They will be given an arrival time that must be respected (I.e. 15 min prior to ice time).

4) the city has set up aisles which will be assigned by teams that will lead to benches. We are trying to limit the use and need for dressing rooms as much as possible as well as to social distance and maintain the least amount of gathering.

5) when on the bench social distancing will be enforced.

6) we will limit the on and off ice coaching.

7) coaches will use electronic whistles instead of standard blow whistles..

8) players will have to leave the arena after their practice or game within a set time (I.e. 15 min).

9) there will be a 30 minute resting time between each use of the ice to allow all players, parents and coaches to leave before the next group arrives.

10) There will be random checks of body temperature.

This is just to give you an idea of what the start of the season will look like. 

Right now as per Hockey Quebec we are at stage 5 of our return to Hockey plan. Which includes 5 on 5 hockey with in the region. 

We ask that all players get registered ASAP so we make work closer with the city to ensure the maximum resources. For the moment the city intends on opening only 2 rinks for this season.

We thank everyone in advance for the cooperation it will take this season to guarantee our players a great season.

Thank you all.

Dollard Hockey