Code Red Update
Written by Alison Harris   

October 5, 2020

Parents and Players,

Here is our latest update.

As per the minister as of Wednesday night we will be on a 20 day break until the 28th of October. This will be for all associations in a Code Red Zone. Code Orange and Yellow zones will continue to operate under Hockey Quebec COVID operating manual.

We shall be focusing on finishing all our double letter by Wednesday night before closing.

We will then be starting the drafting of our single letter teams, we hope to be able to draft all by October 18th.

Our goal is to hit the ground running on our opening day. Please do not get discouraged, even if there is a bit of a further delay, there will be Hockey.

If we receive any new information, we will update you all immediately.

Please help get us back to Hockey by wearing your masks, social distancing and staying home as much as possible.

Thank you 

Dollard Hockey
Coaches & Parents Responsibilities
Written by Alison Harris   

Coaches/Assistant Coaches responsibilities

  1. Show up 30 minutes before ice time
  2. Help greet players
  3. ensure players sit on social distanced spots in dressing room and bench
  4. make sure coach is in the rooms to supervise players as well as making sure they do not wander around
  5. make sure players keep mask on until the bench by the ice
  6. make sure players put their mask back on after ice time to return to dressing room
  7. stay until all players have left the room after game/practice maximum of 10 minutes

Parents responsibilities

  1. please bring your child 15 minutes before ice time to check in (goalies 30 minutes if needed)
  2. should be dressed at least waist down
  3. parents cannot go down to dressing rooms
  4. maximum of 1 parent (spectator) per player allowed in the rink
  5. all players and parents must wear mask at all times (players exception is in the rink while on players bench)
  6. parents and players must respect social distancing in the Civic Centre, in the stands, in the dressing rooms and on the players bench
  7. players and parents must leave within 10 minutes of the end of ice time.
  8. Parents please remind your child as often as you can to respect all the rules and protocols

The more we do all the right things they will just become 2nd nature and hopefully the quicker we get rink 3 as well as hopefully back to normal.

As always thank you for your great cooperation so far and lets continue working together to make sure these players have hockey this season.
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